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My goal is to help you dream by reminding you that, with a bit of guidance, anything is possible. I can help slow things down. The same applies to all tools. Because they allow us to do so much, we forget how to live without them. That is the key I will teach from the wisdom of not owning a phone and internet connection for 11 years. I can help you learn that technology does not have to be the only way to create success. With the right support and guidance, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. The nature retreats I teach have come from spending 4 months each year in my tent learning from nature for over 11 years. My goal is to help others find their own unique way to success, without relying on technology alone, by blending the wisdom of nature and from living it, I will support you!

I would love to help you,I specialize in creating unique learning experiences so that you can achieve your life goals and dreams with greater focus and clarity. Below are just some small examples of what I offer. Digital Detox, Dreams, Time in Nature and Public Speaking Packages

 Cedar Session 
*Working on dreams in many areas, business, travel, health, fun, adventures, working on blocks, self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Tools to make simple steps to change. Inspire you to think outside the box, work together to be aligned with your purpose and goals.

Douglas Fir Session   
*To slow things down, less technology or a full detox. Make space for what you want with removing technology. Feeling more balanced, listening to your instincts, feeling more peace.     

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” — Anne Lamott

"The world would be a much better place. If there were a lot more Stacey's". 
- Adam Glover. Biked almost the world, amazing!

Maple Session         
*Ideas for setting intentions, manifesting, attracting the right people, things, situations. Believing beyond what you thought was possible. Inspiring you to go for your dreams and doing what you love!
Out In The Wild Session   
*Learn how to light a fire, find fire wood, cook and learn outdoor practical tools to make you feel more comfortable in nature. 

Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going to fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why."  Eddie Cantor

Time away in Nature to reconnect:

1-3 days away to slow life down, go back to basics, and sleep in a tent,  prepare healthy food mindfully cooked on an open fire, gratitude, and shower in a cold water, meditate / relax, work on your dreams and release old limits, and detox from technology. By taking time away, you can focus on the present and unplug from the daily distractions of the modern world.

1 on 1 or group retreats available.

Winkchronicity pledges to donate 10% before tax to *Reverse Wish to help make wishes come true.

"I met Stacey travelling solo far from home in a big city that I was intending on just passing through to get back onto my journey, Stacey kind of changed not only my trip but my life.  She took me camping for a week and showed me a side of life I'd forgotten, to be present and have faith in life and what happened during this time was undeniable!  I've never met a person who gives with their heart so willingly to strangers, what a fantastic human.  I felt lighter after this in every way, she even took some of my stuff back home with her to Vancouver so I could travel with more ease on my bicycle trip into Mexico."  - Mathew Robertson

 Investment :    


Wink   Intro    Special   first    1   on   1 session:  

1 hr.  $111

New to my service? Take advantage of this special intro offer...


1 on 1 sessions: 1 hr. $177 - $250 sliding scale pay for 4 hrs. get 1 hr. free.  


Group retreats min of 2 people

2 days 1 night $633 per person. 3 days 2 nights $933 per person.


With this package, you will receive healthy food cooked together with love. As well as essential camping equipment all that is needed is your own sleeping bag!


Private retreat for 1

2 days 1 night $1233, 3 day 2 nights $1833


With this package, you will receive healthy food cooked together with love. As well as essential camping equipment all that is needed is your own sleeping bag! 


Wink Retreat   Intro    Special   

1 half day retreat $333 per person 3 hrs.


Includes a healthy vegetable soup cooked with love. Retreat meals in Victoria and Sooke will be prepared on a cooking stove instead of an open flame.

Sessions for  groups

Make dreams a reality with the support of a group. The group sessions are scheduled for an hour in nature in Victoria. A minimum of four participants is required and I can offer the flexibility to extend the duration to two hours if needed. Sessions are $44 per person per hour. In case of bad weather, indoor sessions will be available.

Payment in full is required to confirm the dates and time of retreats and sessions.

Cancellation Policy:


*Cancellations on the day of the sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Retreats Cancellations:

If you decide to cancel your Retreat, the following fees apply to Winkchronicity at the time when we receive written notice of your cancellation.

31 to 60 days or more $0
8 to 30 days $50
5 to 7 days 50% of trip cost
0 to 4 days 100% of trip cost

Public Speaking Packages, Digital detox,    HELLO my dream is,  *Reverse   wish   

Digital Detox, By living without technology for 11 years, I have learned true peace and balance. I've cultivated due to my simple lifestyle. By stepping away from the digital world, I have discovered a wealth of knowledge and life insights. I am now able to share and help others reconnect with ourselves and the world around us. This connection I have created is a true testament to the benefits of digital detoxing.
Another project Winkchronicity is working on facilitating in University, Conferences, Schools to broadcast the power of dreams. Stickers from the project, "HELLO my Dream Is", allows adults, youth and children to make their aspirations visible so they can inspire and help each other to grant their wishes. I want to reach people who need dreams the most. @hellomydreamis

Nature has shared great knowledge about sharing, and for over 11
 years I have practiced and created *Reverse Wish.  It is an innovative, interactive fun way where everyone gets involved in the experience with connections that inspire sharing and kindness, Gifts to take home and share.  Puzzles can be customized to your ideas or logos.

Winkchronicity pledges to donate 10% before tax to*Reverse Wish to help make wishes come true.                                                                                                       


What  is ?

"In an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still." Pico Iyer


To slow things down, your mind and memory must be used, like a bicycle makes our legs stronger, using you mind makes it stronger. Is an idea to bring peace and more balance and face to face connections. Being present in this moment and strengthening are attention so we are not always busy, to look to the inside for the answers, instead of always going to the outside. 



“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” 
— Anne Lamott

I see there is an imbalance, we have the desire to fulfill every thought, and we are the furthest from being fulfilled.  My goal is to be an example to others of what is possible by tapping into our ability to focus. It's amazing what we can create without the use of regular tools and I aim to inspire people to do this without phones, computers, internet access,with outside of the box thinking. "If you do the same things as everyone else, you will have the same results as everyone else".  By questioning the way things are done instead of just following along.  We can rewrite the way we do things and achieve greater focus and peace in our lives. Write a new story!

Digital Detox Package is an outside of the box thinking and experience that combines knowledge and storytelling and interaction Q&As, Keynote Presentations. To create more peace and meaningful connections. I will share ideas to implement tools to create more balance. To use and strengthen your intuition and memory. Slow things down. As I learned this from living without a phone. I can tailored to all the areas of your concern, I will teach this in Schools and Business's. To improve a greater balance peace and efficiency in your life. 

What  is ?

HELLO my dream is PACKAGE 


What is your dream?

Let's dream more! I love inspiring and helping people to go for their dreams. This is why Winkchronicity was created to help people dream. I will use stories and fun interactive ways to plant seeds and techniques to help you plant your dreams.   

The idea of writing our dreams down and looking at them often is one of the most important first steps in actualizing our dreams. We will be working on writing down and focusing on the unbelievable. We will then work together to help each other to make dreams come true.  Come to this with the intention to make someone dream come true.


Hello my dream is,
Involves inspiring stories to help inspire you to dream, It is an interactive fun way where everyone gets involved. Making your dreams visible will inspire others, and gives them an opportunity to help you realize yours. Q&As, Keynote Presentations & Stickers to take home.

What  is ?


*Reverse Wish is an idea to set kindness in motion. To make someone else's wish come true by giving, sharing or helping. Do you love the idea of spreading sharing and kindness and new connections?

"I see life like a puzzle you are either the piece that needs something or you have something to give." Puzzles where created to be given out. You can find 1 match or all to create the puzzle. When you do find a matching piece, with your heart make a *reverse wish by sharing, caring or giving.
The *Reverse Wish Kindness Package 
The idea is to set kindness in motion. as part of this game, people join in and spread the act of making a *reverse wish for someone.  It is an innovative, interactive fun way where everyone gets involved in the experience with connections that inspire sharing and kindness, Q&As, Keynote Presentations & Gifts to take home and share. Puzzles can be customized to your ideas or logos.



*Reverse Wish Kindness Package attach the puzzle piece to a badge of the attendee (conference) or hand out Universities, Schools, Gathering, Parties, Weddings and hang around the neck. When given out it will be explained the idea of *Reverse Wish and the intention to in some way, do a kind act for the person with the matching piece or find all to build the whole puzzle. Creating many connections!

puzzle piece.jpg


*Reverse Wish Is a kindness moment I wish to spread, to create more sharing and kindness in the World. Where it becomes normal to make another person wish come true. I wanted to spread it on a bigger scale to create and inspire a spiral of sharing and wishes coming true beyond what I could imagine. The intention is to bring people together, create sharing which would have not normally have happened. Who knows where it will go! 


*Reverse Wish Kindness Package is an emotional experience that combines storytelling and interaction to create kindness and meaningful connections.

 About me 

Stacey Mckinna



A little about myself, I'm working on a few dreams at the moment, I am writing a book with the purpose to touch people’s hearts and to inspire sharing on a bigger scale; it is a idea of creating a movement of giving from the heart and soul and this is my life's purpose.   The book is called *Reverse Wish. In the future I will create a *Reverse Wish Foundation. This foundation will make people's wishes come true in the form of giving, sharing and helping. I have worked for TED Talks the main Conference for 5 years which has been a dream of mine come true. Listening and speaking to some of the most inspirational people has helped me push myself beyond my limits.

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