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What is your dream? It takes courage to believe in our dreams, even more so to put them out there. “HELLO my dream is” is an idea that can foster an open mindset where anything we dream of is possible if we work together. Writing our dreams down and looking at them often is one of the most important first steps in actualizing our dreams. At this moment, it has been challenging to dream when so much is happening in the world today. More than
ever, we need the power of the dream to inspire, elevate, and lift one another up. They are visions of a greater future. What we focus on expands, new ideas, new dreams that can move one another to greater heights. I was inspired by so many people telling me they didn't know what their dream was.With the help of my business partner, we created this opportunity to spark ideas and conversations and a dream community! You can see more on my Instagram @hellomydreamis

Get your Hoodies,    Masks  and   Stickers!


We use Hoodies from a Canadian Company 


Are all fair trade.  WRAP Certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), which means we treat every one of our employees with dignity and respect, and are constantly aware of our environmental impact. 


10% of all sales before tax goes to *Reverse Wish to do kindness in BC where I live


BOOK your HELLO my Dream is Public Speaking Package. More details Click: Public Speaking and Kindness Packages




















Hoodies and Masks at all locations. Stickers now available in Victoria. Let's get out and support Local! 


When in Victoria, BC

Contact me via the web form on the Contact page


When in Vancouver, BC 112 E 7th Ave

Bikes for all

Need a new bike or get yours fixed, or just to rent, go see Lucas and his friendly staff                                  including Archie the cat who is the real boss!



When in SquamishBC 38134 Cleveland Ave

YOGA LOVE and meditation boutique

Crystals, tapestries and musical instruments available. Come and relax with a meditation with Shone or stretch and enjoy Qigong with Liz.


When in Montreal, Quebec , Gilford Street

Contact a HELLO my dream is Representative,

Mathieu Morin 



Follow @hellomydreamis on Instagram to get inspired! Have a dream you would like to share with the world? Send photos of your masks, stickers and sweaters and stories to  I'd love to hear from you!

HELLO my dream is

IMG_0790 (2).JPG

Hoodie Hello my dream is Pink cloud




Kids / Adults 

IMG_0784 (3).JPG

Hoodie HELLO my dream is Tinfoil 



 Tie Dye Masks



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