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I value your business and your time. To set up an appointment, please contact me by email or the web form bellow. Coaching session done in person or by video call. 

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Stacey is an incredible, inspiring person. I met her when I was travelling and living in Canada. Since then she has been my angel along my journey. She does things a little different then most people I know and that is what sets her and her ideas apart from everything else and what makes her ideas very inspiring. The things she does, she does with her full heart. I never met someone who is able to believe so strongly in her dreams and so finds a way to make the dreams reality. For her ideas and dreams she goes through all the ups and downs which show up along the way. So reverse wish is her heart project and I know it will work and it will be amazing. The stories she shared with me changed the whole outcome of my trip and still changes the way I see things now. It turned a lot in myself around. When I was travelling I really wished to go surfing and to live in a lovely surrounding where I feel home. You must know, in general I'm more of a scared person and it's not easy for me to believe in big dreams come true, but Stacey and her stories helped me. I ended up living on Vancouver Island in the town of Tofino. So I stayed for almost 9 months, even though most people told me I won't find a place to live in Tofino. It's almost impossible. But I did and it was better than I could have ever imagined. I lived and worked for the Botanical Gardens (I'm a landscape architect, so that was perfect). I lived next to the ocean, in a small wooden hut, next to flowers, I went surfing a couple of times a week and I met amazing people. So that is my story. I'm sure if Stacey's idea reached that in me, it will spread and reach a lot of people and change their life for the good. -Edith Vollmer -Landscape Architect 


In 2015 I first had the pleasure of meeting Stacey in the middle of the Yukon. I was cycling and  Stacey showed extreme kindness from the bottom of her heart by stopping and insisting a needy cyclist that I was , except  bags of food. Stacey was insistent I was  more needing then her. This is a prime example of the warm and caring person Stacey is. After getting to know Stacey over these past years. I have found her to be one of the most honest and down to earth people I have ever meet. she has a fantastic outlook on life. I am grateful to have Stacey as a friend.

Stacey is a highly motivated individual and a inspiration to us all. I am confidant she would be able to help you with your endeavors. I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend Stacey.       

 -Adam Glover   (Biked London to New Zealand) (Philadelphia to Alaska to Argentina) almost around the World, Amazing!!

Stacey may be the wisest Canadian I've ever met. I have had over a dozen sessions with her, and have appreciated every one of them. She will tell you, "When I started making decision with love and not fear, things flowed to me so easy, it changed my life." If you work with Stacey, you can change your own life from fear to ease as well. Stacey is Canada's living Francis of Assisi. I have seen her perform physical miracles right before my eyes. Some have made me scratch my head for years afterwards. But the miracle Stacey performs in your heart will stay with you forever.   -Dr. Rich van Schaik aka my meditation teacher

"I met Stacey in August 2019 in Whistler, BC, where I had recently moved for a job opportunity. I remember that day very clearly because I was feeling confused - I was unhappy in a toxic and abusive relationship for 3 years and 2 days before that I had met someone new at my work place and was feeling torn up inside over what to do. That day I had gone to the Village to distract myself with some shopping. While stopping to rest on some lounge chairs by the creek, a lady on the next seat over asked me if I had a pair of scissors to cut something with. I didn't have anything with me but I asked about what she was holding as it looked like pieces of wood. Little did I know that she was a Dream Coach who would significantly impact my life that day and continue to be an inspiration and friend nearly 2 years later! I can never fully return the amazing kindness and insight she provided me in that moment. What Stacey was working on was a Reverse Wish puzzle and I felt fascinated by the concept of a "reverse wish". She went on to explain the idea and then told me a bit of her life experience and what she did as a Dream Coach. She then asked about me and I felt safe enough to share honestly what was troubling me. After thoroughly listening to my story, she encouraged me to follow my heart and explained how to recognize "winks" in daily life. She then told me she had a good feeling about this new person. After a lovely chat, I went on my way. 


Stacey is amazingly intuitive and while she didn't have a crystal ball in front of her, she might as well have because six months later I looked up her up on Google in order to email her the good news that I had been able to get out of my abusive relationship and had been dating the new person from work for several months! I had seriously taken her advice on following my intuition and trusting myself and it really worked! I even wrote reverse wishes for others in my journal. Almost two years later, I am happily married to that same person and we were thrilled to welcome our first baby very recently. I wrote to her again after over a year and was delighted that she remembered me in detail! Not only do I consider Stacey an amazing coach, she is also a friend. She is a very kind and generous person who is understanding, non-judgmental, and full of love.


I highly recommend working with Stacey as she will assist you in discovering and fulfilling your deepest wishes, hopes, and dreams. When I met her, I was going through one of the darkest times of my life. It has been amazing how that has shifted for me and I believe whole-heartedly that the right people show up at the right time and in the the right ways to help. I will always be grateful to Stacey for reigniting the magic of dreams inside me and I wish her all the best with her journey helping others to reach their full potential."   -Angelene O  -Mother

"Hello there I just wanted to say how amazing a person Stacey is. I have known Stacey for about a year and she has changed my life! Her words of wisdom touch me deeply every time we get to chat. Stacey has helped me find my spirituality in nature and all things that don't make sense she has helped me make sense of it. I have a dream book I write in often not just for me but dreams I have for others. I can not say enough about how lovely a person Stacey . I know she is changing the world one person at a time. And has helped be be a better me. Thanks Stacey""    -Jennifer Hornberger


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